Weekend Recap 12.4.17

Weekend Recap: 

It was quite a busy weekend. A lot of work, and a lot of play mixed in too! I always love when I can look forward to a fun activity after work. I’ve been diligently working on creating some fun content for A Daydream Love, and this week I’ll be talking HAIR! A topic I really don’t cover much, but love to incorporate into my niche! I spent time celebrating a family friend’s birthday, and hanging out with friends!

So, if you don’t know, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. A degree that I was “psyched” about, I loved learning everything about “why we do the things we do”. I took a couple of “counseling classes” and one of the things we learned when “counseling” others was to advise the patient to journal or write about their the experience they went through or are going through. This weekend, I started wondering why I never took the advise I learned and I just started writing my thoughts and feelings down-situations, experiences, and causes for my personal anxiety. Let me tell you, once I started writing I couldn’t stop. It was definitely therapeutic. I invite you to journal your own thoughts and feelings down! Then, pray about them. There’s such a beauty and release in being able to “get it all out” in a healthy way!

Things I’m Loving:

I’m currently on a Christmas craze! Decorating, watching Christmas music, attending Christmas events and parties, I’m all in! I love this time of year! I always find the cutest things for Christmas, have you checked out my Christmas board? I just pinned this cute little set up!

Currently swooning over everything PLAID! It’s probably my Christmas brain talking, but how seriously adorable is this top?





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