Weekend Recap 11.13.17

Weekend Recap:

This weekend was filled with so much joy. I want to start there because I honestly went into the weekend with a broken heart filled with hurt and pain. Finding that joy can be so hard, but I filled my time with family, friends, and fun activities. I separated myself from the things that are causing the emotional pain and sometimes that’s what we have to do, a loving separation, so that we don’t let that person, or situation steal our happiness.

On Saturday we celebrated the life of my Grandpa, for someone who didn’t think people really cared about him had countless family, friends, co-works, and past acquaintances show up to honor the life and legacy he left behind. Though there were tears they were of joy because we know that one day we will see him again in heaven. It’s ok to cry out of sadness or joy. It doesn’t make you weak. It’s healthy for you to have that emotional release. Something I shared on my Instagram this weekend and I’ll share here: Take each moment of your life and just be thankful, and live each day being humble.

Sunday morning, Jacob and I started with coffee in the park where we also shot the looks for this week! The rest of the day was just letting loose with friends at the pool. We enjoyed games, football, and food! Smiling is good for the soul and there was lots of that! I hope that, even though it’s Monday, you can find a small time today to just smile!

Here are some things I’m loving:

This week our friend group is getting together for a Friends-giving so I’ve been gathering some ideas for recipes and decor, and I just love this table set up! You can find more fall, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving food on my Pinterest board here.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, aren’t we all starting to ask ourselves what we may be wearing? We all typically go for something a little looser on this Holiday because we know we are about to indulge in some delicious food-which is totally acceptable! I found this top that would be so perfect and under $60!




Weekend Recap 11.6.17

Weekend Recap: 

Today’s post is going to be a little more raw, but that’s what I wanted to bring with these “Weekend Recap” posts.  I’ve shared on my social sites, but my Grandpa had a massive heart attack that put him into a coma for several days. When all of the tests had come back with results that were not positive, we made the decision to “pull the plug”-it’s what he wanted too. Except, for two days after that his body kept fighting. It was the hardest thing to say goodbye, and then that goodbye process be prolonged. On Sunday he passed. Last week/weekend was an emotional rollercoaster between supporting my family, working, spending hours in the hospital, saying goodbye, and a very exciting and special wedding. My weekend was filled with sorrow, and joy.

My Grandpa meant a lot to me. He’s the only Grandpa that I ever called Grandpa, and really the only close Grandpa I had growing up. Between special trips to our families lake house, fishing, gigging frogs, swimming in the pond, oysters on New Years Eve, getting me my first job, begging me to go to college when I didn’t want too, donuts on Saturday, and tech visits almost on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I have been left with enjoyable and fond memories that I will cherish forever. It’s never easy saying goodbye, in any situation, but I know I will see him again. While my heart has been broke, I trust in my heavenly Father to bring comfort, peace, and healing.

Here are some things I’m loving:

It’s hard in the moment to see the “joy”, but I know one day our family will be able to regain our strength and our joy will come. If you are going through a tough situation, your joy will come. You may not see in in the forrest, but keep walking, trusting, and leaning on Christ and you will begin to see the light at the end.

Hearth and Hand created by Chip and Joanna Gaines is now available. One of the pieces I’m loving is this Under $35 berry wreath, and this house log holder! I can’t wait to add these items to my house decor. They are perfect for the Holiday season or year round!

Weekend Recap 10.30.17

Welcome back to another Monday! My hope is that you had a lovely, enjoyable, and peaceful weekend. I’m going to be a new series with you all on A Daydream Love called the “Weekend Recap”. It’s basically a summery of my weekend on a more personal side, what I’m thinking, things I like, and what all went down from Friday-Sunday! I wanted to take this time to be more personal with you. I hope you enjoy this little series, it will be different (obviously) each week, new thoughts, inspiration, and personal moments!

Weekend Recap:

We are drawing closer to Halloween which means this weekend was full of spooky activities! While Friday was a little mellow, due to hectic work schedules and a lack of both sets of cars, Saturday was full of fun and laughter at a Halloween party! I’ll be sharing my Halloween costume below! Sunday was a little bit of relaxation, football, work, and an enjoyable evening of carving pumpkins with Jacob! The weather here has been a high of 60 and it’s swoon worthy!

Here are some things I’m loving:

This motivational quote is something I’ve been taking to heart as I go through a time that has been the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through. While I choose not share what’s all going on right now, I know my story will be used to help others one day. No matter what the situation is, how hard, how exciting, I want to be able to grow from it. Also, I’m always pinning inspiration quotes to my “words” board on Pinterest if you would like to follow along here.


Under $60 sweater dress that is perfect for fall. Pair with an over the knee boot, or even an ankle boot enhance the fall vibes!


One Shoulder Stripe Dress

Several times this week I have sought out encouragement, inspiration and motivation to keep me going. Life can be down right cruel, unfair, and just plain hard to handle. It’s times like this when you need love and support. So, if you too are going through a rough patch, something you don’t feel like you can handle, I know what it’s like and I wanted to share some encouragement with you.  While my blog and social media appear to make things “easy”, simple, or fun all of the time, I want you to know I struggle just like anyone else. I wanted to share this little paragraph with you before I got into a dress that was a favorite this week-for you and me!



Now, onto this dress. I put up a “quick snap” of it this past weekend when I went out for a meeting, lunch and a little bit of shopping. I had a great response to the “quick snaps” this week (seen here and here), so I will continue to add those in! I found this dress to be so flattering! The slightly cinched waist and one shoulder style was so perfect for a spring outing! This dress has an option to fit every beautiful body plus  it’s only $60! I linked all of the options in the slide above and below the post!

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