Redken’s All Soft Review

Redken has always been a trusted brand among salons, and their customers. I’ve always loved their products and I’m excited to be doing a review of their new ‘All Soft’ line. The Redken All Soft line is perfect for hair that is normal to dry, and a thickness of normal to medium. It provides the moister and shine that normal to dry hair needs by enriching it with argan oil to give you that soft, and manageable hair. Below I’ve broken down the products I’ve been using to let you know their benefits and how they worked on my hair!

Products I’ve Been Using:

  • Redken All Soft Shampoo

Benefits: Gently cleanse and softens the hair.

  • Redken All Soft Conditioner

Benefits: Softens and creates a more manageable hair by replenishing the moister the hair needs.

  • Redken All Soft Mega Mask

Benefits: Two chambers with two different formulas that combines when pressed for the ultimate conditioning. Hair is softer, supple, and the shine is restored. Used every other week. Swapped with the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream (below).

  • Redken All Soft Heavy Cream

Benefits: Controls frizz and strengthens the hair. Increased shine and manageability of hair. Used every other week. Swapped with the Redken All Soft Mega Mask (above).

System Review:

After using these products from the Redken All Soft line for several weeks, I noticed positive impacts on my hair. Just like the the overall concept states, my hair is definitely more soft. I have seen an increase of shine, and more manageable hair but also less frizz, even in the Florida’s humidity. While my hair feels moisturized, I don’t feel as if these products have weighed down my hair in any way. My curls hold, and the style isn’t limp or lifeless. I absolutely love the way my hair feel after washing and using one of the masks listed above. Each week I did one, and just swapped then out with each other. My hair even looks better air-dried. I haven’t used a blow dryer on my hair, but maybe once a week, or once every other week. I keep running my fingers through my hair because it feels so soft. Along with the softness, it looks and feels healthy. My hair gets especially “crunchy” in the summer, between sweat, sand, traveling, and humidity, so the surge of moister from this line is much needed.

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Beachy Curls Tutorial

Turning my curls up a notch with tighter, less perfect, beachy styled strands! I love curling my hair like this because it gives my hair a more defined look. This look does take more time, but it’s so worth it! Watch my tutorial below for how I achieve my “beachy curls”! Also, hope you don’t mind the lighting changes throughout the video, it was a cloudy day when I filmed! Don’t forget to subscribe!




My Self-Care Routine

A part of my 2018 goals was to build a stronger body, mind, and soul. In other terms, I want to take care of myself. In year’s past, I’ve always put my needs and wants to the side, and it really weighed on me. I noticed an unhealthy body and mindset. As I went through a lot of changes this past year, I decided that it was time to really concentrate on being the best person I can be. To be positive, healthy, and strong in all areas of my life. To help conquer and keep this goal of mine, I designated a self-care routine.  I’ve broken it down into morning and night:

AM self-care routine:

Breathing exercises: Before jumping out of bed, I give my body a couple minutes to adjust. I set my alarm for about 5 minutes before I need to be up. I lay in bed and do breathing exercises for those 5 minutes. Deep breaths in, hold, and out through the mouth. During this time I think, pray and meditate. Since doing this I have felt refreshed, even if it’s 6:00 am.

Skincare: Once I wake up, I go straight to getting ready for the day. This includes spending some time on my skin. I always feel better when my face is clean and looks healthy. I splash my face with cold water. This help me to wake up, and it feels great on my skin. I’ve been using a lot of great skincare products, you can view my video all about them here.

Breakfast: I never realized how important breakfast was to waking up, and starting the day on the right foot. I know we have all heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and I never really took that to heart until this year. Eating a healthy breakfast helps your metabolism, promotes weight maintenance and helps maintain your glucose levels. I’ve noticed increased energy, and that I’m less likely to have “hangry” spells throughout the day. Once I’ve had my breakfast, I’m ready to get going on work and schedule for the day.

PM self-care routine:

Exercise: I typically get my exercise in at night-It just works better for my schedule. I typically spend about 10-15 minutes doing either a HITT routine or pilates routine. I have found some great routines on Pinterest. I know 10-15 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot to some, but really it’s all I have time for. I would rather put in at least something, rather than nothing at all.

Hair Care: Who knew hair care would be so important for your overall health? I had a hormonal imbalance in college that forced me to lose a lot my hair. I have since dedicated my time to building my hair back to be healthy and strong. I get regular trims every 6 weeks, yes, even though I’m growing out my hair. A trim really helps promote healthy looking hair. You can visit your local Hair Cuttery to get a great cut and style! I also use a heat protectant to protect my strands, and give it shine. I am using the “Cibu Argan Oil Treatment“-it’s non greasy, and great for even my finer hair. I use it once I get out of the shower and it really gives my hair a nice shine without weighing it down, it also has majorly reduced my frizz. Another important product for healthy hair, is a hair mask.  I’ve been using the “It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask” recently. Again, this is a lightweight product, that also surges your hair with moister and replenishes what the environment has stripped away. Once a week, I apply this mask to my hair while in the shower. You can find these products and other great hair products at your local Hair Cuttery! I’ve noticed such a positive difference in how healthy my hair is looking and feeling. When our hair is healthy, we can have such a positive self confidence!

Phone Control: I may be in bed, but staying up on my phone has really caused me to lose much needed sleep. It’s so important to give your body the rest it so desperately needs, and Instagram is not as important. I put my phone on my dresser around 10 PM, after setting my alarm, and then I leave it. For the most part, I turn off my notifications and leave it there until the AM. That way I can concentrate on getting a good nights rest.

Bedtime: I value my sleep. I need my sleep in order to conquer my day. For the most part, I get my 8 hours, and it really has helped me to stay focused, be alert, and feel better throughout the day. Giving yourself a “bedtime” helps you to be aware of the time, and get the rest that you need.

I really hope this self-care routine posts encourages you to find your own self-care routine to live a healthier, balanced life.

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My Everyday Curls

Curling Iron 

This video is a long time coming-I’ve finally filmed “my everyday curls” video for you! This is the hairstyle that you will see in just about all my blog/social content. Actually, this is my hairstyle for just about everything. It doesn’t take me too long, it creates volume and an overall soft look. The curling iron I use is the It’s under $50 and comes with a variety of inserts to create different curls. I am using the 1.25″ in this video! I love it so much that I bought it for my mom and sister! So, I highly recommend.

Disclaimer: At the beginning of this video (when I’m talking) and at the very end of the video, my hair was curled on freshly cleaned hair, the tutorial was filmed on 3 day hair. This is because I lost a part of the video and had to re-film it. 



Glam Blowout

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my local Hair Cuttery to get my hair Holiday ready. If you are local to me, I went to 10963 Causeway Blvd Suite B, Brandon, FL 33511. The stylist who did my hair was Alana Murray. If you were not aware the Hair Cuttery offers different services like blowouts and hairstyles like braids and curls! The service I asked for was a “Glam Blowout”. I wanted something that was chic with lots of volume-a hairstyle that would be perfect for my afternoon events and parties.

Alana was so sweet, she made me feel so comfortable. She wanted to make sure that she used products that worked well with my hair. So, before she did anything she asked me what I was wanting to achieve, and what products I typically use. Before she used any of the products on me, she made sure to explain to me what they were and what it would do for my hair-this was super helpful to me, and I took away some great tips for my hair! I have to say too that she gave a really fabulous head massage while washing my hair! The environment was upbeat and clean, which is always something I look for in a great salon.

The blowout service, was quick, very affordable, and precise. I was absolutely obsessed with how my hair turned out, and my hair was definitely Holiday ready! I can’t wait to schedule my next service with Hair Cuttery!

At the salon:

My Holiday looks:


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