Beachy Curls Tutorial

Turning my curls up a notch with tighter, less perfect, beachy styled strands! I love curling my hair like this because it gives my hair a more defined look. This look does take more time, but it’s so worth it! Watch my tutorial below for how I achieve my “beachy curls”! Also, hope you don’t mind the lighting changes throughout the video, it was a cloudy day when I filmed! Don’t forget to subscribe!




My Everyday Curls

Curling Iron 

This video is a long time coming-I’ve finally filmed “my everyday curls” video for you! This is the hairstyle that you will see in just about all my blog/social content. Actually, this is my hairstyle for just about everything. It doesn’t take me too long, it creates volume and an overall soft look. The curling iron I use is the It’s under $50 and comes with a variety of inserts to create different curls. I am using the 1.25″ in this video! I love it so much that I bought it for my mom and sister! So, I highly recommend.

Disclaimer: At the beginning of this video (when I’m talking) and at the very end of the video, my hair was curled on freshly cleaned hair, the tutorial was filmed on 3 day hair. This is because I lost a part of the video and had to re-film it. 



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