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This past weekend I had the privilege of experiencing my first ever “spa trip”.  I was treated to a delightful afternoon of relaxation at the Rock Spa in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa FL. Today, I want to share my experience with you.

I accept that as life progresses, so does the intensity of pressures and stress. I’m learning that I need to not only take better care of my body on the inside, but the outside as well. In order to live a healthy life, relaxation and finding a way to de-stress is key.

I’ve had manicures, pedicures, facials, and a chair back massage, but there is nothing quite like my experience at the Rock Spa. I booked my visit and awaited the day. As Saturday quickly approached, a spa trip was just what I needed. After moving, a major change to my job, and a couple sleepless night I couldn’t wait to be pampered-and that’s just what the Rock Spa offered.

IMG_1170When I walked in I was greeted by a lovely team of smiling ladies. A team member walked me back and explained how the spa worked. We passed delicious treats and lemon water in the waiting area which are available to any guest, and entered into the spa room which included a warm Jacuzzi, showers to freshen up, and a steam room. Lockers are provided where you can find your robe and put your belongings safely. Slippers and towels are also available for any guest to use.


My massage therapist, Elena,  warmly introduced herself and guided me back to the massage room. Being that this was my first experience with a spa and full body massage I felt nothing but comfortable in the setting. When I walked in the room the bed was donned with a guitar and I wouldn’t expect anything less as we are inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. On the guitar were the products my massage therapist would use-she explained what they were, how they would be used, what essential oils were infused and even let me smell them.


The massage I received was a new service they offer called Rhythm and Motion. After Elena went over the process of the massage she removed the guitar off the bed and walked out of the room which allowed some privacy while I slipped into the warm covers of the massage table. Coming back in the room just a couple moments later, she turned on some music and I was taken on a musical journey. There was a speaker above my head as well as in the bed. The vibrations from the music helped me to relax and de-stress. She worked from toe to head going along with the music, then concentrated on my problem areas, like my back and neck. Before I knew it my time was up.


After the 50 minute bliss, I was invited back to the spa area where I could shower, and use the amenities offered for the remaining portion of the day. I was also treated to a detox tea, cold bottle of water, crisp sorbet and mints. As a person who handles high intensity pressures, I don’t often relax, but I knew the moment that I closed my eyes during my session that I had entered into a mode of rhythmic relaxation. I’ll definitely be making a trip back to the Rock Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


Just a couple of helpful tips for those who are not experienced like me:

Pull your hair back for the massage. My massage therapist worked into my neck with the oils and you don’t want your hair in the way. I wore my hair down until I got there and put it up in a high bun for the massage session.

Plan for a little extra time after your session to use the spa amenities like the steam room and Jacuzzi.

Wear something comfortable and it’s best to arrive with a fresh face, but they do have a sink and soap in the spa room if you are unable to. My outfit is show below-a cotton dress and cardigan.

It’s OK to relax. I honestly don’t know how to relax, but before going in I took a couple of deep breaths and decided to take in the experience. Let the stresses of your day, week, months etc…go and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!


Thank you Rock Spa for providing the services. All opinions are my own.

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