This weekends attire.

I had a couple busy days between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday I went to a concert, in which I did not take any pictures, sorry! Saturday I went shopping all day with my mom and Sunday was spent with family, first at Church and then just relaxing at the house making DIY pallet projects. These are a couple of…

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Hippie Jeans.

I call these the hippie jeans because i’m pretty sure they originated in the 70’s…but don’t take my word on that. I love my skinnies, but i also enjoy mixing it up with some flare. Flare/bootcut jeans can be just as versatile as skinnies and you can make it modern, or more 70’s inspired. Here is one of my most…

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Jean Vest.

Yay! This is my first post in my new category about style! I’m super excited about this category!  I have always loved fashion. I research it daily, and shop like it’s no ones business. I’m more simple when it come to fashion.I like neutrals and layering! Today’s post will be about the JEAN VEST!   I just bought a jean vest. They are…

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New section of the blog coming soon!

I’m excited to share some of my stylista opinions and options! Don’t worry, I’m a simple and chic girl when it comes to clothes. You won’t find me in any Lady Gaga apparel!

A Beautiful Day

Oi.That’s exactly the word i would like to describe the start of my day.I woke up wanting to fall right back asleep. I didnt want to wake up before the sun get ready and go to work, where i would be under pressure until i left to go to the dentist, where my mouth would be under pressure.YAY!  I don’t…

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