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I’m excited to share some of my stylista opinions and options! Don’t worry, I’m a simple and chic girl when it comes to clothes. You won’t find me in any Lady Gaga apparel!

A Beautiful Day

Oi.That’s exactly the word i would like to describe the start of my day.I woke up wanting to fall right back asleep. I didnt want to wake up before the sun get ready and go to work, where i would be under pressure until i left to go to the dentist, where my mouth would be under pressure.YAY!  I don’t…

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Desire…What is desire. “A longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment.” We all have desires and not all desires are a bad thing. I desire dance, music and love. Everyone has different desires, something that will bring satisfaction. Some people desire or crave others to bring them satisfaction and enjoyment.Some choose to satisfy themselves by shopping…

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jesus freak

I was in my car on my way to work when an old christian song came on the radio. It was Jesus Freak.It got me thinking…what exactly is a Jesus Freak and what does it take to be one. This song used to be and may still be an anthem for Christians. So the song starts of like this… “Separated,…

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silver wings of fire

This is my first blog. I’m not much of a writer but i do like to express my feelings. While i would like to start of my first post with something unique and artsy, nothing is coming to mind. I’m sitting here at work filling out papers,calling people and doing my job.I’m not sure how they would feel about me…

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