Simple Saturday Morning Outfit : Aztec Skirt & Crop Top

Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing some fresh, summer outfits that will cool you down in the unbearable heat. Fun, printed shorts, rompers, dresses, and flowing tops. Upgrade your closet with some of the upcoming looks!   Saturday morning at the local Farmers Market:     As you know, Summer is here and the heat is blazing!…

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This Weeks Wish List: The Romper

  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The new raging trend is ROMPERS! All kinds of  rompers, but especially those with floral, tropical, and tribal prints. I know you have seen them in your daily dose of Pinterest, all of the style magazines and they are on all the mannequins in your favorite stores. I love rompers or as some may call “play…

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Pleated Midi Skirt

  Has anyone else had a crazy start to the week? I know I have! My weekend was full but I really enjoyed it! When it came to Monday everything seemed to start colliding. For some reason I just can’t seem to catch my breathe for second! Cheers to the rest of the week!    I really enjoyed this look for…

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Looks 4 Less: Emma Stone

  I absolutely adored Emma Stone’s two piece outfit at the 2014 Met Gala. She made quite a statement with her look and it became a popular trend. Trendsetters all over want to recreate this look. Now here is your chance! My friend Shauna from “All Things Recessionista ” and I went shopping to find this look under $60.  Here…

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Living In Your 20’s

 To all my 20 somethings, this point in your life is extremely crucial.   What happens in your 20’s? Typically you fall in love, and not a puppy, lovey dovey love, but the “this is the one” kind of love. You attend college, or you find a job. Then you graduate and in the meantime you get engaged and start…

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