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I was in my car on my way to work when an old christian song came on the radio. It was Jesus Freak.It got me thinking…what exactly is a Jesus Freak and what does it take to be one. This song used to be and may still be an anthem for Christians.

So the song starts of like this…

“Separated, I cut myself clean from a past that comes back in my darkest of dreams.Been apprehended by a spiritual force and a grace that replaced all the me I’ve divorced.”

So we must first separate ourselves  from our sinful past. Whatever it may be, sex,drugs,alcoholic,lying, whatever it was that kept us separated from God. God also has a funny way of bringing our past into our future, but He will use it for His good. The very thing that separated us from God in the beginning is the very thing that God may use to bring Himself glory.

So we have established that we must first separate ourselves from our sinful past and except that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. We must put our faith in trust in Him in order to turn our lives around. So what’s next?? You must turn your life completely over to Christ and let Him control you. Our job here on earth is to bring people to Him. Your roots must be grounded in Jesus. He will lead you where you need to go. We must be on FIRE for Him.  In a world that’s so dark and cold, we were sent here to be a light and a fire to the lost.

Another part of the song goes like this…

“The high and lofty, they see me as weak cause I won’t live and die for the power they seek.”

We must be so strong and so grounded in our faith in Jesus that we wont let people persuade us. We can not be easily moved or we will fall right back where we started.

“People say I’m strange, does it make me a stranger”

People will look at you differently. You are different.You are different from the world and the people around you that our so deep in sin that they feel like they have no way out. What they don’t understand is that God can bring him out of his hole. He uses us, as friends, as neighbors, as siblings and family members to witness to those who feel trapt in their sin.

God gave us a responsibility. He put us in leadership. He wants to use you and I  in our everyday life to bring  people closer to Him. We must be radical and on fire for Jesus and in order to that we must put aside the sin in our life…DO YOU WANT TO BE A JESUS FREAK ?

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  1. You say you aren’t a writer? What was that then??! 🙂
    Awesome thoughts. I just decided to click the link since it was in my newsfeed. Glad I did. 🙂

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