How I Choose My Photo Shoot Locations

Outfit Details: Chicwish c/o, Everlane denim, Baublebar earrings (similar), similar wedges 

When it comes to photography, I’m an amateur. I do what I can, with the tools that I have.  However, I spend a lot of time making sure my images look “pretty” and “likable”.  One of the things I spend my time on when it comes to my photos, is the location of where they are shot. While there are times when I shoot “in the moment” pictures, most of the time it’s well thought out so that there is a story to tell behind my photos. I feel like one of the reasons I got to where I’m at with my blog and brand are because of my images. So, I’m letting you in on some insight as to “How I Choose My Photo Shoot Locations”, to give you something to think about when it comes to photographing your own content. Whether you are a blogger/influencer or not, these three things could help you choose your next photoshoot location.

Three things that go on in my thought process:

Will what I’m wearing match or go along with the background and for non-fashion bloggers, will what I’m photographing go along with the rest of the area behind it. I don’t want the main focal point of the shot to clash with the background. If you are not sure, take a test shot to see how it looks before completing the shoot.

What is the lighting situationIf I have to shoot when the sun is beating down during the middle part of the day, most of the time, I will not shoot without a shaded area to stand in. So, will your location be good for direct sunlight? Or, will your location look better during the afternoon with the sun going down, that “golden hour”.  Even if the lighting is good, will there be a cast of shadows, or a color cast from the surrounding areas. For example, I don’t shoot next to red objects, because the red reflects onto me and I don’t like the red cast in the photo. Same goes with a multitude of settings.

Will the photo tell a story? The majority of my images have a story to tell behind it, or at least I would like for there to be a story. A story about why I wore my outfit there or on that day. Overall, I question if I can give you a story about why I wore this outfit, based on my images. Can I tell you a story based on the pictures your seeing. Does it tell you what I did, what I saw, and what I like.  Does it show you, me.

Obviously, my pictures could be a million times better, they could be edited differently, or shot differently, but for the most part I’m happy with what I’ve learned and created.



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