Desire…What is desire. “A longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment.” We all have desires and not all desires are a bad thing. I desire dance, music and love. Everyone has different desires, something that will bring satisfaction. Some people desire or crave others to bring them satisfaction and enjoyment.Some choose to satisfy themselves by shopping or buying a certain brand ( that’s a hint to myself). So, not all desires are bad…but… when our cravings and longings become an idol it becomes sin. When we put our selfish wants over responsibilities and duties, God and even family it becomes a type of idol.Idols may be things that we worship. The ONLY thing that we should worship is God.  Our desire may become and addiction. Our natural and human desires can become a sort of bondage.

I attended a youth event called Unleashed, it happens every week at The Crossing church at 8:00. It was my first time last night and it completely blew my mind…it was all about desire. I admit i do put my passion and my longing to be able to dance again and a longing for a relationship in front of God and my responsibilities. I would dance all day and forget about everything i needed to do.I know I am not the only girl that wants to be loved or craves a relationship and affection.  Now, you can you use dance as a form of worship and becoming free and you can also have a relationship ( neither one is bad)  but when I’m pushing my chores aside and I’m putting dance or a relationship at the top of my priorities list it becomes an addiction and then a sin. Last night they pictured and played out different scenes. We sometime see things on the outside and we don’t really know what’s really happening on the inside. When we see a boy and girl in the same bed we automatically think sex,  enjoyment, or a form of satisfaction, but the girl is left alone, crying and unloved. She gave up her purity for a “good time” to satisfy this longing she’s been having. They also played out a couple sitting on the sofa and this mans better half /girlfriend/wife falls asleep on his chest and it’s so romantic and he lays her down and covers her up , but what we don’t see after the credits of a movie or a picture is he is being tempted so strongly to satisfy his desire of porn.

I just want to motivate and challenge you and myself to think about our desires. What are we craving? What are we longing for to satisfy us.A lot of our desires become addictions and most addictions don’t satisfy, so we are left wanting  more. There is one desire that will satisfy and meet our needs, and his name is Jesus.

Also,If you are in the Brandon,Riverview,Tampa area come to The Crossing Church for UNLEASHED.You  wont leave the same!

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