Avocado Caprese Salad


Today I am sharing with you a simple appetizer, meal, or just a snack! I’m taking your typical Caprese Salad and adding a little twist! Here is what you need for this delicious salad!

Items Needed:

– Basil or Basil Leaves

– Tomatoes

– Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Sliced Thin

– Balsamic Glaze

– Avocado



– Slice tomatoes into thin rounds

– Layer on mozzarella cheese

– Mash avocado and put a small spoonful on top of cheese

– Sprinkle some basil on top or use the whole basil leaf

– Add a drizzle of the balsamic glaze on top


Enjoy this salad! It’s my favorite!


Beach Essentials

Today I’m sharing a quick little post to prepare you for this long weekend! I know most of us will be spending it at the beach, pools, BBQ parties or outdoors. I thought I would share with you some of my essentials for when I spend my days outside, specifically the beach!

img_7108_fotor img_7342_fotor img_7345_fotor img_7931_fotor photographyblu-3928

– A beach bag to fill with all of your essentials.
– A hat to protect you for the sun. Plus it’s just cute!
– A pair…OK maybe a couple pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Really so you can see cause the sun is bright & hot!
– Sandals…duh. I hope you are not wearing sneakers on the beach!
– Food & drinks. I always get so hungry at the beach! Also, remember to stay hydrated!
– SUNSCREEN! It’s a must! Protect your precious skin!
– Keep your hair up with a cool hairstyle! Try braided pigtails for something fun!
– A cute swimsuit! Goodness, I have been seeing the cutest swim gear out lately! From one pieces to bikinis. Don’t know where to start? Target has adorable ones for great prices. Hate going to look for them? Try on a one piece. Both alluring all while giving you some more coverage! PERFECTION.
Have a great, fun & safe weekend!

This Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! Surprisingly it went by slower than normal, which is odd yet very satisfying! Friday night was spent watching Pitch Perfect 2. If you have yet to see it…go. I was laughing so hard! Saturday was full of normal, adult, errands. Boring, but I enjoy the time I had! I had girls time on Saturday night which included my mom and I walking around Tampa and grabbing some dinner while watching the sunset. I treasure these times I have with my mom. I love her wisdom and I soak up everything she teaches me ( something I didn’t do when I was younger ). Sunday was lovely. Church, more errands, and family time! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend!

I have some fun & exciting posts for you all this week! I look forward to sharing with you all throughout the week! Some may know, but for all of my new followers, HELLO! Normally posts like this are sneak peeks into what’s coming up this week! You may see these featured on my Instagram on the weekend and throughout the week! I would love for you to follow along!

Chambray skirt, gladiator sandals, and my favorite bag. Perfect for Saturday errands.


I have mastered my spring/summer makeup! Easy, and light!

Love these flats! I paired them with an outfit perfect for a Sunday!
I had fun with this snake braid for a quirky Saturday hairstyle.
A casual outfit and a faux hawk braided hairstyle for a walk around town.

Have a wonderful week!

Starting On The Inside


Today I am switching gears a bit. I learned at a young age about health & fitness. I always search for ways to be healthy and stay fit. For approximately 7 years I went vegetarian along with my family ( I am no longer a vegetarian ). We found ways to get our protein other than meat. My family stayed active together riding bikes, taking family walks, and playing a variety of sports.  Then I went off to college. I struggled to find ways to keep healthy when the cafeteria was limited and the only thing to keep me awake at night to study was various sugars. Being on my own helped me realize the things that I could do personally to stay healthy while still maintaining my busy lifestyle. Now I am a wife, I have a full time job, full time fashion blogger, plus producing our local fashion week, and still trying to stay healthy and active. So for those who have a tight and busy schedule I am sharing some of my favorite ways to stay healthy starting with the inside of my body.

– Portion control. I get asked all the time about my diet ( not sure why ) but I believe that it has to do with portion control. Eating appropriate portions so you can have everything you love! Want cake? Just eat a smaller portion of it!

-Eat balanced. Your body NEEDS the good stuff like vitamins & minerals,water,protein and yummy greens! Can’t get it all in? Take a daily multi-vitamin to help out! Your body produces more efficiently with appropriate goodness!

-Get active. I know what it’s like to get busy and not have time to do a full exercise routine. Some of my favorite things to do are yoga,walk or play with my dog, have a solo dance party, squats, & crunches. I rarely if ever have enough time to stop for a total of 30 minutes ( sad yes I know ) but I do like to take a couple moments to stop, breathe, and do a couple exercises. Seriously…sometimes those couple moments come when I am at work and heating up my food, those 2 minutes = squats or jumping jacks!


Have a wonderful weekend!

This Weekend

Wow! A lot was going on this weekend! Between the hockey game, a fight match, a graduation party, selling my car, buying a new car, traveling and working I can honestly say that I am not prepared for Monday! Oh well, I think we are all in this together! Here is a sneak peek of my weekend and what will be coming up on the blog this week!

IMG_9013_Fotor IMG_9040_FotorIMG_9204_Fotor IMG_9592_Fotor


I hope that you all have a great week! If I can every help answer questions or if you need any help in general feel free to contact me! I get lots of questions about what to pack and how to pack for certain vacations or I have had someone ask if a certain item would match with another item! I’m serious when I say that I would love to help if I can!


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