5 Tips To Help Step Up Your Blogging Game

I get asked so often about how I got into blogging, how I’ve been able to grow, and if there are any tips I can provide for those getting started in the blogging world or just how to step up what they already have going. Today, I want to share 5 things that have helped me in my blogging career-now more than ever. Here are 5 tips to help step up your blogging game:

  1. Have crisp, clear and edited photos– I stop immediately on a blog where there are beautiful photos. Take a little extra time to brighten up your photos-three simple tools to use would be brighten, contrast, and a little saturation. When companies reach out to me, the first thing they say is “we love your photos”.  Brands and your audience want to see beautiful images. I’m still learning the best ways to edit my photos, and each day I try something new, but start with something simple like lightening up darker photos!
  2. Cohesive Instagram feed-Social media is a major part of my blog and should be for yours too. It’s a “sparknote” version of what your blog contains, but also includes a little extra, like photos of your favorite coffee, cute treats, or beautiful scenery. The biggest thing I’ve jumped into recently was having a cohesive Instagram feed. At first glance, my IG page looks like everything flows nicely, has a similar color scheme, and tells the same story-fashion, beauty, travel. This takes a little extra time, but an app like VSCO can really help you see what your feed will look like each time you post a photo. I suggest putting the photo into VSCO and giving each image the same filter. I use the same filter on each image so that everything looks cohesive.  I’ve notice a major growth in IG followers since doing this. Now, I know mines not “goals” but I have noticed this simple change (adding a filter) has really helped in capturing followers attention.
  3. Link your Instagram to other social media outlets– Share the images you have on your Instagram to other social media outlets. Not only does it link back to your Instagram for people to follow, it is also an easy way to update your page instead of constantly having to post on each platform.
  4. Share your new post on all social platforms– This one is major, if you have a new post up on the blog SHARE IT! Share it with everyone! Put it on any and all social platforms. Not only do I post about it on FB, IG, and Twitter, I also make sure to mention in on Snapchat and IG stories!
  5.  Engage, engage, engage– each person has a different experience when it comes to blogging, what might work for me may not be the answer for you. What I have noticed mentioned over and over and over from other bloggers and social media gurus is ENGAGE. Talk to your audience, respond back to comments, let them know you are real! Then, head over to your blogging friends and leave a nice comment for them! Take a little extra time to like and comment on other posts-I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, but I do like to take a couple moments to engage with friends, family and Instagram accounts I love!


I really do hope that this helps you in your blogging career, they may seem like simple tips, but they really do help and they have majorly helped me step up my own blogging game!

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  1. My instagram game has slipped recently so I really need to get back on top of it- I feel so much pressure for every image to be perfect and look good with the rest of my feed that it’s put me off posting regularly but I agree keeping active on social media really helps with engagement!


    • I know that feeling Tara. The pressure to have a perfect IG feed really does wear you down a bit. I would say that I found the easiest way to make everything cohesive is just for them to all have the same filter. It does take a little bit more time, but I noticed a huge difference when everything started to look like it flowed together.

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